Seizure Alert Dogs

Seizure Alert Dogs for Epilepsy & Other Seizure Disorders

Millions of people have epilepsy in the United States and around the world.  Seizure Alert Service Dogs can assist children and adults suffering from epilepsy and other seizure disorders become more confident and independent in public with the support of a trained Seizure Alert Dog. 

A Seizure Alert Dog is a Service Dog that is trained to find help or assist its owner during and/or after a seizure. Dogs selected to become Seizure Alert Dogs will be able to naturally detect an oncoming seizure and are trained to warn its owner of an oncoming seizure.

What can a Seizure Alert Dog do?

-Alert their owners before a seizure occurs by pawing at them, pacing, nose tapping or laying their head on their owners knee
-Alert a family member, caretaker
-Fetch an alert device
-Fetch medication
-Fetch a telephone
-Prevent injuries to its owner by remaining close

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