Get a Service Dog

Here at Dog Angels, Inc. we have developed an outstanding Medical Alert Service Dog Program for children and adults including Diabetic Alert Dogs, PTSD Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs utilizing one of the smartest dog breeds combined with proven positive training methods. 

We begin by purchasing health tested AKC purebred Poodles from responsible breeders from around the country.  Initially each dog goes thru basic puppy and obedience training while being socialized.  Based on the requirements of the individual acquiring the dog we then custom tailor our program to meet his/her needs.  Our dogs learn over 40 commands while receiving 500-1500 hours of training over an 18-24 month period.  Unlike some of the for profit companies who train for a shorter period of time we strongly believe in more training rather than less.  As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization our goal is not to generate a profit and therefore we have no incentive to complete the dogs training expeditiously in order to generate revenue for our company and its owners.  As a nonprofit with no owners/employees benefiting from the income generated our goal is to train each dog extensively so that he/she can competently perform his/her tasks successfully without regard to the time it takes to achieve this goal.  Dog Angels also offers an extensive follow up training program to those that receive one of our Service Dogs as we believe this training is equally important to the ultimate success of the Service Dog with his/her new handler. 

If you are interested in receiving a Dog Angels Service Dog please complete our Preliminary Application form here