Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of Service Dogs do you Train?

We train Diabetic Alert, Seizure Alert (Epilepsy), PTSD (for Veterans and Non-Veterans) Service Dogs.  We also train Emotional Support Dogs.  

2. How do I get a Service Dog from Dog Angels?
Please complete our pre-application form here    Please note: We cannot train a dog for everyone that completes our online application.   

3.  How much does a Dog Angels dog cost?
The Donation amount needed to be raised for a Service Dog depends on the type of dog you are requesting as the amount is determined by the number of hours of training the dog is required to complete.  We have different expenses for Diabetic Alert vs Seizure, PTSD and Emotional Support Dogs.  Please complete our pre-application here.

4.  How long does it take to get a Service Dog from Dog Angels?
It depends on the type of service dog you are seeking and the amount of training required.

5.  I see you are located in Florida, do I have to live in Florida to obtain a service dog from Dog Angels?
No you do not need to live in Florida.  

6.  Do you provide Service Dogs to children under the age of 18?
Yes we will provide Service Dogs to children, adults and veterans.

7.  Can I request another type of dog besides a Poodle?
No.  At this time we are focused on the poodle because it is one of the smartest breeds, does not shed and is available in a variety of sizes including toy, miniature and standard.

8.  Can you train a dog I currently own as a Service Dog?
No we cannot.  

9.  How do you get your funding?
We solely rely on Donations to fund all our programs at Dog Angels.