Finance your Service Dog

Service Dogs are expensive.  There is the cost of the dog, the veterinary care, the food, grooming and the training. The costs all add up and are often way more than most people can afford.  But you can get creative in funding your service dog in order to donate to Dog Angels, Inc for a Service Dog.  Saving as much as you can, fundraising online and offline are all ways to generate the resources you need to fund your service dog.  However one often overlooked way is to obtain a personal loan from a financial institution (NOT from Dog Angels, Inc. as we are not a bank/finance company).  This way you are paying a lower monthly payment to the bank/finance company and you do not have to generate a large amount thru fund raising, savings to get started with a nonprofit organization training your service dog.

The advantage of getting funding from a financial company is that they usually approve loans and fund the loans pretty quickly once you apply.  So in a short period of time you will have the funds to then donate to Dog Angels, Inc. so we can get the custom training of your Service Dog started right away.  Of course while your dog is being trained you can fund raise and save to help pay the monthly loan payment to the financial institution or pay down the loan especially if there is no prepayment penalties.  Prepayment can often reduce your monthly payment to the financial institution.

We did some loan calculations by going to the link below and based on a SAMPLE Service Dog cost of $10,000 and a loan for 10 years at 6% the payment was only $111.00 per month.  A SAMPLE Service Dog cost of $25,000 for a loan term of 10 years at 6% the monthly payment was $274.00.  Both monthly payments are far less than having to generate a $10,000 donation for the dog and then additional large donations every 6 months.  

Click this link to calculate what a Personal Loan may cost you.  There are many factors in determining your interest rate on your personal loan including but not limited to your income, credit score and debt to income ratio.  It is best to contact these companies directly to discuss your personal finances and individual requirements.

Personal Loan Calculator Link

Companies Offering Personal Loans

  • SoFi: Apply online at SoFi for preapproval on a long term personal loan. With unemployment protection and no upfront costs, SoFi may be a great option for a long term personal loan.
  • Marcus by Goldman Sachs®: Goldman does not charge sign up fees or prepayment fees. Click here for more information.
  • USAA Bank: For military and federal government workers USAA Bank is an option to secure a long term personal loan.  Click here to apply.  If approved for a loan, you could get the cash in as quickly as 24 hours.
  • Discover Personal Loans: Discover offers flexible repayment terms and fixed rates.  Click here for more information. The loan terms are 36 to 84 months.


  • Disclaimer:  Dog Angels, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization not a financial institution.  The above is not a commitment to make a loan or be construed as lending advice.  Loans are subject to requirements by each lending institution that may include but not be limited to borrower qualifications including income, asset evaluation and credit scores.