Dog Angels Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities with Dog Angels

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Please note:  We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
however volunteers can also assist us remotely. 

Senior Dog Trainers – Volunteer Senior Dog Trainers are needed to train our dogs from puppies to adulthood as Medical Alert Dogs including Diabetic Alert, Epilepsy and PTSD Dogs.  Must have extensive experience training dogs.  Must be a team player. 

Assistant Dog Trainers
Volunteer Assistant Dog Trainers are needed to assist our Senior Dog Trainers in training and reinforcing appropriate behavior of our dogs.  To become an Assistant Dog Trainer Volunteer you will have a working interview with a Senior Dog Trainer while he/she is training a dog.  You will learn to train our dogs during that interview.  If we agree that you are a right fit for this Volunteer task you will continue to learn dog training our dogs alongside our senior dog trainers.  As our organization grows there will be room to advance to a paid Assistant Dog Trainer position but there is no guarantee.  Selection to become a paid Assistant Dog Trainer will be based on recommendations from the Senior Dog Trainers.

Dog Walkers-Our dogs need exercise on a leash.  Volunteers are needed to walk our dogs around our property on a daily basis. 

Puppy Cuddlers-Our puppies need LOVE and more LOVE.  Our puppies are only a few months old when they arrive at Dog Angels and need to be held and cuddled and rocked in our Dog Angels rocking chair to give them a sense of comfort and security.  We welcome gentle Volunteers who like to cuddle puppies. Our large sofa and chairs will provide ample opportunities to cuddle.

Puppy Community Socializers-Upon completion of basic puppy training our puppies need to be socialized in the nearby community at shopping centers, malls and other busy places so they get use to being out and about in the community to prepare them to become Service Dogs.  We welcome volunteers to work individually at this task as well as in groups when going out into the community.  Volunteers should wear their Dog Angels t-shirts and carry poop pick up bags as well as our brochure/business card to promote Dog Angels in the community.

Dog Groomers-Our dogs are poodles.  Poodles need grooming including brushing daily and bathing often.  We seek professional groomers that can donate their time to doing a full groom as well as individuals that are willing to brush and bath our dogs on a regular basis.

Kennel Help – Our dogs are kenneled while sleeping but remain free in our building as well as yard area.  But the kennel needs to be cleaned regularly including dusting, mopping, steam cleaning and organizing, toys, training materials and furniture each day. 

Evening Puppy Playtime – Our dogs need playtime throughout the day.  We welcome those interested in throwing toys, balls around with our puppies after their dinner.  It is fun and stimulating for the dogs.

Administrative Assistant – Our CEO needs administrative assistance.  This includes filing, scanning documents to Dropbox, sending out mass emails, maintaining desk organization etc. 

Fundraisers – We need Volunteers to help fundraise for our organization.  Our expenses are great including purchasing our dogs, the veterinary care of our dogs, feeding our dogs, training our dogs and more. 

Special Events Coordinators – Join us and help plan our next special event.  Multi-taskers welcome.

Web Site Content Creators- Like to write?  We need Volunteers to write content for our web sites. 

Photographers/Videographers-Our puppies are cute.  Very very cute.  We need Volunteers with a creative eye to capture their cuteness as often as possible thru photos and video.  We also wish to set up live streaming during certain times of the day while the puppies are playing.  Come help us make our puppies stars on Instagram, Facebook etc.

Graphic Designers-Volunteers needed to create mass emails using ConstantContact themes.  Seeking those with an eye for color combinations with our logo and photos/images.  Also to edit our logo and create other graphic designs for Dog Angels.

Painters – Occasionally we will have a painting project to complete for our outdoor poodle signs.

Landscapers – Like to mow the lawn?  Our fenced in outdoor puppy play areas need to be mowed and maintained for the health and safety of the dogs and people.

Dog Angel Ambassadors– Like to schmooze in the community?  Become a Dog Angel Ambassador.  Operate our booths at special events in the community, carry our brochures/information to hand out to individuals you meet anywhere, always ready to promote Dog Angels to the public in the best possible light.  Also inform our Fundraising Director of events in the community that may be coming up and we should attend.

Retail Coordinators – We are seeking Volunteers that can assist us with our online Dog Angels shop as well as at special events throughout the community in presenting and selling our Dog Angels product line including but not limited to our Dog Angels harness wings, leashes, dog bowls etc.  Must communicate well. 

Veterinary Transporters – Assist other Volunteers in transporting our puppies to and from the Veterinarian.

Veterinary Technicians – Seeking a Volunteer Veterinary Technician to do basic wellness checks of each puppy, administer medication if needed, administer vaccines (not Rabies), care for our puppies post-surgery, assist with pregnant dogs before and after birth.  Monitor puppies after birth.

Veterinarians – Seeking a licensed Florida Veterinarian to do wellness exams of our new puppies, administer vaccines, complete spay/neuter surgeries.    

Attorney -Seeking a Florida Attorney to assist us in writing contracts between Dog Angels, Inc. and individuals receiving our dogs. 

Accountant -Seeking a CPA to assist Dog Angels in maintaining good accounting records of donations, expenses, etc.

Donor Development – Seeking Volunteer to enhance our corporate, individual large donor development program as well as our monthly giving program.

Planned Giving Director -Seeking Volunteers to help Dog Angels, Inc. raise funds thru Planned Giving Gifts.  These include stocks, bonds, life insurance, real estate, etc. 

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