Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs
If you are interested in obtaining a Diabetic Alert Dog from Dog Angels
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A Diabetic Alert Dog is an assistance dog trained to detect high (hyperglycemia) or low (hypoglycemia) levels of blood sugar in humans with diabetes and alert their owners to dangerous changes in blood glucose levels. This allows their owners to take steps to return their blood sugar to normal, such as using glucose tablets, sugar and carbohydrate rich food. A diabetic alert service dog can prompt a human to take insulin.

When owners with diabetes begin to experience hypoglycemia, the detection dogs perform a predetermined task (e.g. bark, lay down, sit) to inform the person. Dogs may be directly smelling something related to the abnormal glucose concentration, or may be reacting to the owner's symptoms which are caused by hypoglycemia, such as sweating or shaking.

Training a Diabetic Alert Dog

Diabetic alert dogs are trained to detect blood glucose changes using the saliva of diabetic patients. The diabetic person collects samples using gauze or dental cotton during a time when their blood sugar is just starting to get too low, or too high. Samples must be collected when the patient has not eaten within 30 minutes, brushed their teeth or used anything with a strong smell such as mouth wash in order to get the strongest scent for diabetes alert. Once the samples are collected, they are frozen and used in training dogs to alert to blood sugar changes. 

Like all Service Dogs diabetic alert dogs must meet ADA standards of behavior for public access, so along with specialized training to assist people with blood glucose issues, these dogs are also trained to behave properly in public spaces.

Our Dog Angel Diabetic Alert Dog includes:

-An AKC Purebred Poodle (Toy, Miniature)
-Medical records from our licensed Veterinarian including vaccination, spay/neuter records and a microchip
-Health Guarantee
-Canine Good Citizens Certification
-List of Commands with descriptions that your Service Dog was trained to complete 
-In person and video chat training with one of our outstanding Trainers
-A Service Dog Vest
-Service Dog Identification Cards
-Dog Angels collar, harness and leash
-A Dog Angels Manual on caring for your Service Dog
-Dog Angels Toys
-6 Months of Follow Up training with one of our experienced Dog Trainers by phone, in person or via video chat
-An annual recertification to be completed every 12 months for the life of your Service Dog

If you are interested in obtaining a Diabetic Alert Dog from Dog Angels please complete our Pre-Application form here