Crypto for Canines Donate Bitcoin for Dogs

Since 2017 Dog Angels
 has been accepting cryptocurrency for the benefit of dogs.  We believe in Crypto for Canines and that collecting cryptocurrency donations will allow us to help solve problems facing dogs worldwide. Dog Angels is seeking Cryptocurrency to fund major issues including:

Lack of Low Cost Veterinary Care

Alternatives to Spay/Neuter Surgery to
Help End Overpopulation of Stray Dogs

No Kill Adoption 

Providing Service Dogs for the Disabled

Ending the Human Consumption of Dog Meat Worldwide

Full Transparency
Our current balance of Cryptocurrency as of 11/8/2018 is:

BTC 1.0023
VET  328,145.5260
VTHO 9731.5045
ADA 1293.7050
TRON 9990.00

Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC),
Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) 

To Donate any other Cryptocurrency please Contact Us