Dog Angels, Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization

We Believe all Dogs are Angels.

Dogs in shelters are Angels.

Dogs living on the streets are Angels.

Dogs bred in puppy mills are Angels.

Dogs born from reputable breeders are Angels.

Dogs trained as service dogs are Angels.

Why are all Dogs Angels?

WHO wakes up the family in a fire?

Who defends the family from an intruder?

Who guides the blind?

Who wakes up parents before a child has a seizure?

Who kisses your tears away?

Who loves you unconditionally?

But the World has Big Dog Angel problems.

Worldwide dogs are lacking veterinary care due to the high cost of treatment.

In Mexico, Turkey and India and more there is a huge stray dog overpopulation and rabies problem

In parts of Asia dogs are kidnapped, sold, tortured, slaughtered and eaten for dinner

In mostly the Midwest US dogs are neglected and overbred in puppy mills every day and the dog rescues are now 30% of the puppy mills buyers

In the United States there is a 2-5 year wait for a Service Dog  

Most of this can be solved with Funding.  BIG Funding.

We believe there is a way to fund this and make a HUGE difference.

With Cryptocurrency Donations (and credit card, check donations as well).

We believe Crypto is the future.  We hope you agree.

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